Assessment Management System

Research suggests that doing an exam can be a stressful task. Cloudemys’ assessment management system has features which allows you to create assessments which are interactive and fun. Scroll down this page to learn more about these features

Online Assessment for RTOs

Conduct fair, flexible, valid and reliable assessments

Cloudemy is not only a good learning management system, it is also a compliant assessment management system.

  • Cloudemy allows trainers to make reasonable adjustments to assessments meeting fairness principle of assessment.
  • Cloudemy allows you to use range of assessment methods to ensure flexibility principle of assessment is met.
  • Mapping tool allows assessors to conduct valid assessment meeting all the requirements set within units of competency.
  • Each question has an accompanying model answer field visible to the trainers. This ensures evidence presented is consistently interpreted and results are comparable irrespective of the assessor conducting the assessment.

Multiple assessment types from auto quiz, case scenarios, simulated/workplace
observations and RPL

A good assessment system uses many tools. Cloudemy allows you to assess your students using auto marking quiz with question types ranging from multiple choice, matching, short answers, smart fill in the blanks and more. That’s just the start though, you can create assessments where students can type answers and/or upload files. Cloudemy allows you to create observation checklists and collect RPL evidence. All within one system.

Assessment Management System
Assessment Management System

Easy to use assessment authority tools

Creating compliant assessments is an art, Cloudemy makes it easier for the real artist to come out of you with easy to use assessment authoring tools. These include automatically marked quiz, case scenarios, simulated and workplace observations and RPL.

Photo verification and/or signature for authenticity

Rules of evidence requires assessors to be assured that the evidence presented for assessment is the learner’s own work. Well with photo verification and digital signatures, you will always be assured that the student who is doing the work is the one who is submitting it.

Assessment Management System

Download and print complete assessment reports with a click of a button

At Cloudemy, we ensure that our customers don’t have to jump through hoops to get their data. Cloudemy allows you to convert and download completed assessments into a .pdf document for printing or saving.