Learning Management System

People learn in different ways, at Cloudemy we acknowledge this fact. That is why we have packed our LMS with features which cater for all types or learners. Scroll this page to learn more about exciting ways your students can learn using Cloudemy.

Learning Management System

Upload or create your own learning content in various formats

Just like learners, learning content comes in various shapes and sizes. Cloudemy lets you upload content in .pdf, word, excel, .wav, .mp3, .mov and more.

Create and upload interactive learning content via SCORM and H5P©

It is well known that interaction increases learning. Cloudemy allows you to integrated 3rd party integrated content created as a SCORM© or h5p© package.

Online Learning Management System
LMS training software

Conduct live training and webinars without leaving Cloudemy

Just because Cloudemy is a cloud-based learning management system doesn’t mean we don’t respect traditions; we just do them in a modern way. Cloudemy allows your trainers to conduct live webinars with multiple students at multiple locations through Zoom© integration without leaving our platform.

Track and manage student attendance

Just by itself attendance management is a huge task. However, Cloudemy is a user-friendly learning management system. Cloudemy allows trainers and student administrators to schedule classes. Students can sign up for these classes from their portals and attendance can be marked by the trainer with a click of a button. Best thing about all this, tracking attendance becomes easy.

Learning Management Software
Cloud LMS Software

Learning time calculator to evidence amount of training and volume of learning

A good cloud based online learning management system must allow learning from anywhere at anytime. Cloudemy not only does this but does one better. Cloudemy captures the amount of time student spends on online learning against each learning content and competency.