Completion & Reports

Give something to your students for them to remember you and recommend your organisation to their friends and family. Cloudemy has completion and reporting features made for this. Scroll more to find out how you can create reports and compliant certificates with a click of a button.

Dashboards for a bird’s eye view

Information loses its value if is not presented well. At Cloudemy, we understand the value of providing quality data that will save you time and keep you informed. Dashboards for mangers, trainers and students will ensure that important information always a glance away.

Download and store all student files including assessments

Accessing your student files doesn’t have to be too hard. Cloudemy allows you to download assessments, student enrolment forms, completion reports and more with few clicks.

Competency and course outcomes consistent with AVETMISS

We claim to be a compliant learning management system, rather compliant enrolment, learning and assessment management system. To ensure compliance across all areas, we use the language your industry uses.

Issue certificates with verifiable QR codes

A red circle on a bell icon gets us checking our social media, Cloudemy uses similar feature to inform your students, trainers and course managers of notifications and important messages.

Generate live reports to keep track of students