Enrolment Form Features

First impressions matter. This is the first time your student will interact with your LMS. We have designed the forms to make it easy for students to sign up and start their learning journey.

Online Enrolment

Create customised AVETMISS 8.0 compliant enrolment forms

When you are in business or providing quality education, there are plenty of things to worry about. At Cloudemy, we like to share a little burden ourselves. Our enrolment forms are customisable to provide you with uniqueness and are AVETMISS 8.0 compliant.

Integrate enrolment forms on your website or send them as a link to your students

Cloudemy lets you create a unique link for each enrolment form, these links can be accessed across all devices and can be easily integrated on your own landing page or website. .

Online Enrolment  for RTOs
Online Enrolment Software

Collect documents, payments, documents and digital signatures all in one online form

Complete enrolment form makes the enrolment process easy and also helps in reduction of administration costs. Cloudemy’s enrolment forms are equipped with powerful integration features to collect online payments or set up payment plans, collect documents such as driving license etc and can be signed digitally using a mouse of finger on a touch screen device.

Customisable emails sent automatically to students

Regular and relevant communication with students is a key to high engagement and
completion rates. In Cloudemy, RTO manager can create 16 unique one time email templates. These emails are sent automatically during student journey to students and trainers, keeping them engaged and interested.

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Your logo and branding across all forms and emails

At Cloudemy, we acknowledge that each company has a unique character. It is this character which your students are impressed by and that is why we let you use your own branding and colours.