Communication & Support

Timely support through multiple channels is best way of keeping the students motivated. Cloudemy has features which will be with students, assessors and admin staff whenever they need it and in the form the need it. Scroll more to learn more about these features

Course Management Software

In-build live chat module for students and assessors

Your students need support throughout their course. Cloudemy allows them to contact their trainers via online chat module without leaving the platform. Trainers can get back to them, all in real time.

    Inactive student module to quickly find students who are lagging behind

    One of the challenges of distance learning is to keep students motivated and to motivate them you need to find ones who need a little nudge. Cloudemy makes it easy by listing students who have not logged in for a while on one page. From there you can contact them and get them going.

    Online RTO resources
    Open-source learning platform

    Student journey page

    From enrolment to completion, there are many stages to student journey. Cloudemy lists all these milestones on one easy to read student journey page.

    Course blogs

    Course blogs are not just a uni thing. Cloudemy allows your trainers to create course blogs and share it with students within particular course. Students can comment on these blogs and take collective learning to a whole new level.

    Online RTO resources
    Course Management System

    Notifications for all users

    A red circle on a bell icon gets us checking our social media, Cloudemy uses similar feature to inform your students, trainers and course managers of notifications and important messages.