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Integration of interactive Learning in Cloud LMS Software

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Many experts will agree that interactivity is one of the best methods of transferring knowledge. That is why there are range of applications to create interactive learning content. Once these are created, they can be presented in a class or sent to potential learners via email or on a mobile device.

Cloudemy LMS software takes it one step further and allows integration of these learning content within student’s online learning portal. Content is still created externally and can be used independent to the online learning management system, but integration allows training organisations and educators to bring learning and assessment together.

Some of the features within Cloudemy takes this integration one step further by allowing educators to create online assessments which can only be accessed via a weblink. These weblinks can then be added to an interactive learning module created in an LMS training software before being integrated to Cloudemy’s online learning management system. Learner will not be able to see the assessment or access it unless they complete their learning module and click on the button with assessment link.

An additional optional feature in Cloudemy records time a learner has spent interacting with learning content and stores it within online student portal of online learning platform. This can be used as evidence towards volume of learning and/or amount of training requirements within Standards for RTOs or can be used by educators to confirm learning before online assessment is accessed by a student.