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To answer this question, we will need to first try and understand all these terms. Naturally, enrolment is the first step towards an educational journey so let us start there.

Enrolment management system is relatively new concept and we believe we are amongst the very first at least within the Australian market to use it explicitly in our product name.  An enrolment management system is an online system which allows users to create, administer, record, track and report enrolment of a student or a learner. These include many features including creation of enrolment forms, collecting relevant information, fee collection, document collection, authentication etc.

American society for Training & Development defines Learning management system or LMS as “a software application that automates the administration, tracking, and reporting of training events”. In a nutshell an online learning management system or a LMS has features which allows its users to create learning content, deliver them electronically, track student engagement with learning and report on learning activities. However, the current systems available in the market vary a lot in available features from simple presentation style learning content to fully interactive learning content. Since, learning journey of each learner is unique, Cloudemy ensures that our users have all these and more options to engage their students and keep them engaged.  

Assessment management system, while many a times confused with a Learning management system is a different system altogether. That is simply because Assessment process is different to that of learning. Legislations, policy and education industry regulators such as Standards for RTOs 2015, Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) and Australian Skills and Quality Authority (ASQA) also makes a distinction between process of learning and assessment. I am yet to come across a definition of Assessment Management System (AMS) but I believe it can be safely defined as a system which allows its users to create, administer, conduct, track and report on assessment activities.

It is also important to note that an assessment management system must allow its users to author assessments. There are systems which simply replace the face to face process of paper-based assessments into an online one by requiring users to print, complete, scan and upload word documents. This process can be done by emails and does not require a portal or an additional layer. We believe such systems do not fall under the category of an assessment management system.

Cloudemy is a platform which ensures from enrolment to completion all aspects are completely digitalised and allows its users to manage these with ease.